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CreativeWorks uses AGILE software development methodology to assure highest quality of service and the final product.

CreativeWorks offers its Clients an Online
Client Ordering and Management Portal


Typical working arrangements

Hourly billed services

CreativeWorks supplies project management as well as development staff necessary to develop your project, and sends a monthly itemized invoice for time spent.


Dedicated developers

CreativeWorks supplies fully dedicated development staff, who act as your virtual employees.


Quoted projects

CreativeWorks quotes a project and develops it according to the schedule.

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  • Konrad is a professional experienced consultant and his results are always consistent, and on time. I enjoy his creative quick decisions and his product is perfection. I recommend Konrad as one of the best web consults in the industry
  • CreativeWorks has been an outstanding design partner for my print projects. Their work is completed quickly, professionally, and is very affordable. I highly recommend them.
  • We presently outsource numerous critical functions to Creativeworks. They did in fact design and develop the platform upon which our business runs. It was a large project and did take over two years to complete from start to finish. It encompasses everything from the front end ecommerce and ordering system through which our customer place orders, payment processing, as well as a rather complex order management and manufacturing workflow system.  I estimate we presently receive labor that is the equivalent of approximately 7 full time staff members from them on a monthly basis. Based on the level of services we receive from them and the nature of the functions that they are responsible for, they obviously play a critical role for us.